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This is a casual arcade puzzle game I made for my father-in-law, Mike, for Christmas 2017.

Try to beat your high score!


Click on matching tiles to get points.  There are 5 levels, 5 rounds each.  Each round, you have 5 turns to get a certain number of points.  Once you get those points, the board refills and the "turns left" and "points left" counters reset.  Points are only added to your total score when the board resets.  

New tiles are introduced with each new level.  Different tiles have different effects/combos, so pay attention to the in-game menu on the left for tile descriptions.


  • Lonnie - Mike's wife.  +2 points each.
  • Jay - Mike's 18-year-old son.  +1 point each.
  • Eli - Mike's 16-year-old son.  +1 point each.
  • Jeep - An old car that mike restored together with Jay and Eli.  +1 point each, unless it's touching both a Jay tile and an Eli tile (adjacent, not diagonal), in which case the jeep is +2 points each.
  • Babies - Mike's and Lonnie's grandkids.  +2 points each, but -1 point each if selecting a group of more than 5.
  • Brat - A bratwurst in a bun.  +1 point each.
  • Kraut - Sauerkraut.  -1 point.  +1 point if adjacent to a bratwurst.
  • Pea - A green pea.  -1, because Mike hates peas and refuses to eat them.


  • Trash - A trash can.  Remove all peas from the board without losing any points.  You don't gain any points, though, so keep this in mind if your "turns left" is getting low.
  • Blue Gift - Remove an entire row, collecting points for each tile on that row.
  • Red Gift - Remove a 3x3 area of tiles, collecting points for each tile in that area.

Any donations are greatly appreciated!  I will use them to buy pizza and make more games.


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Chimney Sweep (Windows) 20 MB
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Chimney Sweep (Linux) 57 MB

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